Borde GG ha en server där bara spelare över en viss rank kommer in

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Sparta You're just unique admin :) I love You! ... Either less or Drink or.. Smoke .. I dont know :D What was wrong in this time?? :D Why do not other admins have problems with my playing style ?? But only Sparta ?? ?? Funny

Ok. It's not much - 3 hours. But still .. boring
I know that the server does not lose much... But:
I have a suggestion .. --- Rest of the admins please check the demo. Realy Check! ;) And tell your opinion about Sparta's decision. But please do not just only Sparta. Have not seen that he would say that he is wrong :) If the rest tell that the ban is justified, I will accept it and on gubbar servers will not going to play. This would mean that I can not adapt to the server rules.
If other points of view not expect the result will be the same ... It will be sad .. But I'm just tired of Sparta.
In any case, I think, that the gubbar is one of the best servers I've played.

With peace & respect Adsik
570 visningar sedan 2012-09-13 00:47 | Skriven av Adsik

#1 sparta
2012-09-13 03:50

1. It´s not fun to ban you at all.

2. The server do lose every time we have to ban 1 player.

3. you don´t sitt in a position to demand/suggest anything here.

4. I´m an admin here and what I say is what you follow.

5. You can adapt to our rulles but you just have to understand what change I want in your game!

6. Yes "Goa gubbar" is the best server ever but we will only continue be the best by either learning old school to the players playing here or ban you perm.

Now to the simple mater of why I ban you!

I want you to look at the team as a human body.

15 player representing "2 hands" "2 legs" "Body" and "Mind/head",

When we play Old school in GG we always think what is the best way for me to play in a way to help my team survive and manage the mission.

"We don´t sacrifice any body part when we go to war in GG!!"

"We protect as mutch as posible most of the body during the entire game."

with other worlds:

If 50% of CT cover A-spot and 50% B-spot.

The T 100% storm B spot = 50% of CTs are i the shit and they need emmediate help!

You hear us scream help B over and over again still I see you either walking or running the long way around the map in every map.

This results in when you get to B spot = almost 80% of CT are already dead/sacrificed.

What I want you to do is:

Most of the time choose werry fast when you hear us say help B to take the fastest way to get to us and help us.

I hope you understand me now.

If I wanted to get rid of you I would have permanently ban you long time ago but I will give you one more chanse to read this and tell me if you now understand me?

This is not personal infact the last 2 weeks around 10 people have got 1 week ban each because of this and the all had a conversation with me and the got unbanned and they still play here.

I hope you understand and change this way of thinking and playing or I will have to perm ban you since you don´t give me any other options.

#2 sparta
2012-09-13 04:04

Just to be really clear!!

If you understand this and can translate "this way of playing and thinking" to Kvasic and he understands and accepts I will be more than happy to unban him and welcome him bak to GG.

This I promise you!


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